the handsome grandson

 a quarterly zine of design & drink 

The Handsome Grandson is a zine masquerading as a menu.

And like any menu worth its salt, it will change seasonally, raise eyebrows, and serve the senses.

For anyone with a side hustle, passion project, or hobby, amateur hour is the happiest hour. As a perpetual student, I love blending and borrowing from varied disciplines for new paths to insight. 


These days, I’m building a foundation in design and slowly exploring the world of homemade cocktails, influenced by New York’s most playful (and intriguingly designed) bars. The Handsome Grandson is a collage of my discoveries and encounters with drinks, design, and the world in which both exist.


The juxtaposition behind this zine isn’t an entirely obvious one, but I assure you that messiness is part of the fun. For design and handmade drinks alike, the inner workings are more or less invisible, with deep ties to culture and impacts grander than ingredients alone.


Stay tuned for the inaugural issue—for liquid soulmates and the menu archives of the NYPL. We’ll be serving up design questions, field trips, conversations, diagrams, deep dives, broken rules, ghost drinks, recipes, and epiphanies. I think we’ll both learn something—that’s just how the menu is designed.







Meet the original Handsome Grandson, in all his glory.